Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marketing Methods that Work

Many businesses nowadays use every medium possible to further market their product or service to the customer. One should take note that when some methods result in new customers coming to the store’s physical location or website, the business owner may prioritize those methods using fresh content. When these successful methods include videos, you may be sitting on a potential goldmine, which Indianapolis brand marketing strategists can help you capitalize on. There are some cards you can play in the video brand-marketing game:
Viral Vids
Viral videos have been dismissed as the stuff of amateur filmmakers who do crazy things or tape important events on camera, but some companies have used them to express an idea—with great results. Some of these branded viral vids are full-blown productions with effects that don’t lose sight of the main idea; a few may even be educational videos in disguise.
Audio-visual presentations (AVP) are effective sales tools when used properly and exhibited in the right venue. Some marketing experts recommend that the owner actually speak on the AVP, to properly explain the content shown – a trusted associate with clear voice and smooth flowing elocution also works as well.
Video logs or Vlogs are applicable for certain situations where your product or service is utilized to the fullest. In some cases, members of the organization, including the business owner, can go on camera for up to five minutes and talk about various topics.

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